Your Deposits Make A Community Impact:  Burling Bank + Mighty Help You Understand It.

When you bank at Burling Bank, your money isn’t just sitting in an account. It goes to work in the form of loans that fuel the growth of small businesses and start-up companies in our local neighborhoods.

To help you better understand how your deposits work to make the community better, Burling Bank has partnered with Chicago-based startup Mighty to provide impact reporting.

The mission of Mighty, based at the University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and featured in Fast Company and American Banker, is to help you understand the footprint of your money.

We just received our first report and are very proud to share that $80 of every $100 you have on deposit at Burling Bank flows back into small businesses and organizations within our neighborhoods. Dollar for dollar, Burling Bank puts $34 more financing back into our local communities – nearly twice as much than the average big bank with a branch in the Chicago area.

Burling Bank is delighted to partner with Mighty to facilitate this experience for our clients. Please visit the full report here.