About Us

Bank locally. Invest in your community.

Founded in 1989, Burling Bank is a full-service, privately-owned bank located in the iconic Chicago Board of Trade building. We enable you to bank where you are, with people that know who you are and we ensure that your money does good in your community. It’s simple, personal, local, and convenient – the way banking should be.  

We have a future-forward approach to business that is exemplified in our tech-enabled tools that enable you to manage your personal and business finances from anywhere 

Our true difference lies in the authentic relationships we build with our clients and our community. We give each customer the flexibility, access and individualized service they deserve. Whether you prefer one-on-one conversations with your longtime personal banker or the ease and convenience of banking from your phone, we’re here for you. 

When you bank at Burling, you are also helping to keep our community vibrant, growing, and strong. As a community bank, our focus is Chicagoland, and when you bank here your deposits fuel loans that help local small businesses succeed. 

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“As a community bank we are proud to partner with Mobile Care Chicago and support their mission to provide free medical and preventative care to at-risk children throughout Chicagoland” noted Michael Busch. “Importantly, they have a proven mobilized program that optimizes point of care in coordination with the schools and minimizes obstacles for families.”

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Burling Backs Local Businesses, From Artists to Entrepreneurs

Only five of the 76 banks with a branch or office in Chicago put 100% of their deposits to work in Chicago and invest 85 percent or more of their total money back into the local economy.

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