Privacy Policy

Thank you for viewing our Privacy Policy. 

Visitors to the Burling Bank Website remain anonymous. We do not collect unique identifying information about you individually unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us that information, and we don’t send you a “cookie.”  We do collect general information about your visit for reporting purposes, such as when you accessed our site, which pages you accessed, and what Internet provider you used when you accessed our site. However, once you enter the secure environment of the Internet Banking system, we will pass a “cookie” to your browser for identifying you during the session. We do not (and can not) use our cookies to obtain new information about you. A “cookie” is security data that is given to a browser by a web server that is returned by the browser on subsequent transmissions to identify the user and encryption information. When you log onto the system, this cookie enables us to process multiple transactions during the session without you having to provide your Access ID and passcode for each individual transaction. You may elect to provide us with more specific information, such as when you give us feedback or send us an email.  If you provide us this information, it is used internally and in furtherance of the purpose for which it was provided, and even then your email address is kept no longer than 60 days.  We would never sell information we collect or that is provided to us regarding visitors to the Burling Bank Website to any third parties, and we would never spam someone who previously visited our Website.

If you would like to know what information we have collected regarding your visit to our Website, contact or the customer service department. After reviewing the information, if you believe any of the information is in error, contact or the customer service department, explain the alleged discrepancy, and if the information is incorrect, we will update it promptly.  In addition, if you believe any information we have collected about you has been used for an improper purpose, contact, and explain your concerns in as much detail as possible so we may take any appropriate action.


Burling Bank has a number of links to other sites. These are offered as a courtesy and a convenience. Burling Bank assumes no responsibility for the content, safety, security, or privacy of any such site or any transactions with respect thereto.  If you have questions or concerns about any other site’s policy regarding these matters, you should contact that site or its sponsor.

Amendments and changes

Burling Bank reserves the right to amend or change this policy at anytime and without notice.  For the most current version of this policy, contact our customer service department at 312-408-8400 or