Account Fees

Fees Effective April 1, 2023

Account Reconcilement Fee (1 hr minimum):$25.00/hr(a)
Cashiers Checks Fee (each):
First one free for account holder per day
Check Printing Fee:Varies(a)(b)
Collection Items Fee:
Domestic (each)
Plus any correspondent bank’s fee in full and any processing expenses
International (each)
Plus any correspondent bank’s fee in full and any processing expenses
Copies of Checks, Debits, Deposits, Withdrawals,
Statements or Partial Statements
Statements Copy Fee (cut-off Statements)
Debit Card Replacement Fee:$10.00 
Expedited Delivery$50.00 
Dormant Account Fee (monthly after 24 months of inactivity)$7.00 
Legal Document Processing Fee:
(Levies, Garnishments, Citations, Subpoenas, Liens, or other Court, Regulatory, or Administrative Orders, etc.)$80.00 
Money Order fee:
First one free for account holders per day
Notarization Fee (per notary visit):$5.00 
*NSF Paid or Returned Fee against Unavailable Funds:
Includes but not limited to overdrafts created by check, ACH debits or in-person withdrawals at a teller. (Maximum of 4 NSF charges per day)
Statement Reproduction Fee:$5.00(b)
Stop Payment Fee (each):$30.00(b)
Wire Transfer Fee:
(a) – Does not apply to Silver or IRA Savings accounts.
(b) – Does not apply to any Certificate of Deposit account.

*Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) fees: If an item drafted by you (such as a check) or a transaction you set up (such as a reauthorized transfer) is presented for payment in an amount that is more than the amount of money available in your account, and the Bank decides not to pay the item or transaction, you agree that the Bank can charge you an NSF fee for returning the payment. Be aware that such an item or payment may be presented multiple times by the merchant or other payee on a daily basis until it is paid, and that the Bank does not monitor or control the number of times a transaction is presented for payment. You agree that you may be charged an NSF fee each time a payment is presented if the amount of money available in your account is not sufficient to cover the payment, regardless of the number of times the payment is presented.

Rev. 4/1/2023