Meet Maribeth Chambers, Senior Vice President of Personal Banking

This week marks the 27th anniversary of a dedicated employee known to all our clients — Maribeth Chambers, Senior Vice President of Personal Banking.

As one of Burling Bank’s founding team members in 1989, Maribeth has spent her career shaping our organization to become the personalized banking experience it is today. She is proud of the culture we have nurtured and the relationships we’ve built over the years. Both staff and clientele fully trust Maribeth as a point of contact for financial and personal inquiries, and it’s obvious that each interaction is of great importance to her.

“We get to know our clients so well, that we end up experiencing life events together,” said Chambers. “It’s not just a job. Clients and team members are like family.” From running out to the side of a vehicle to take a drive-by deposit to knowing a client just by their voice on the phone, Maribeth has been there for them.


Maribeth Chambers (Image: Burling Bank)

She has proudly seen entire families begin, grow and blossom over the course of her career. Maribeth has known some clients from the day they got married, to the birth of a child, to watching those babies go off to college and even get married. She has worked with some of those now grown children as they’ve taken the reigns of family-owned businesses, and Burling Bank is still there for them.

Maribeth feels a deep sense of pride in the longevity of Burling Bank’s clients, as the Bank’s first depositor in 1989 is still a depositor today. She believes that the trust imbued throughout the relationship comes from the strength and commitment of Burling’s team, making connections simpler and client service more effective.

Maribeth’s career began two months before the organization officially opened in September 1989. Over the course of 27 years, she has progressed through the ranks to become our Senior Vice President of Personal Banking. When she is not at work, Maribeth enjoys boating and fishing with her family in the great outdoors. She also loves long walks on Lake Michigan and spending quality time with loved ones.

We thank Maribeth for her exceptional dedication and continued service for many years to come.