Burling Bank EMV Chip Debit Cards

Protect your personal data with new Burling Bank debit cards featuring EMV Chip technology. This technology delivers a safer transaction experience, higher spend limits, and user-friendly card controls. The cards were issued on August 2, 2016 to all Burling Bank clients who currently have a Burling Bank debit card or ATM card. The new Burling Bank debit card replaces your previous debit/ATM card.

Along with the new EMV Chip card, we are pleased to introduce the MobiMoney app, which is a comprehensive smartphone banking solution that makes it simple to manage card information on the go. MobiMoney offers instant account alerts based on customer preferences, receipt organization, budgets based on category, account transfers and more to help you efficiently and safely manage your account.

When combined, MobiMoney and EMV chip cards work together to keep accounts secure. With unique memory card encryption codes, purchase location parameters and card activation and deactivation if unusual transactions arise, these new technologies make for a safer transaction experience with reduced risk of identity theft.

To learn more about EMV chip cards, MobiMoney and their benefits, please contact Burling Bank today.