Commercial Financing

Commercial and Small Business Loans
At Burling Bank, we offer a wide variety of flexible options to meet the unique credit needs of your business. We will work with you to structure terms and repayment plans to fit your budget. Credit decisions are made promptly, onsite, and by people who know you and your business. Our credit services include:

  • Commercial working capital lines of credit
  • Equipment Loans for commercial use
  • Stock Loans (collateralized by marketable securities)
  • Exchange Seat Loans
  • Corporate Credit Cards
  • Letters of Credit

Commercial Real Estate

  • Owner Occupied Commercial or Industrial Property
  • Multi-Tenant Commercial Real Estate including residential, mixed-use, multi-tenant, and investment property.

Membership Financing
Trading Rights are a critical component of conducting business in the futures and securities industry. At Burling Bank we are uniquely equipped to assist you with financing your Trading Right. While many banks are unfamiliar with this aspect of your business, our knowledgeable and experienced lenders are well versed in the language and terms associated with this business asset and will guide you through the entire process.