Enjoy Better Online and Mobile Banking With Burling Today!

Burling Bank has recently upgraded our online and mobile banking system. Managing your money is now simpler than ever, wherever you are. If you haven’t already, please enroll in the new system. It’s easy: Just download our new online banking app by logging in at www.burlingbank.com, then follow the enrollment instructions.

Mobile banking users can also download the new mobile banking app from the App Store or Google Play. As we shift to the new system, current users will default to a single sign-on entity, with sub-users no longer available. Business users with more robust needs may enroll in our new online business banking platform to control these user preferences and take advantage of several other feature enhancements.

To learn more about the expanded features at your disposal — including Notifi, a real-time alert program that helps you track account activity — we’ve launched a new Resource Center. You’ll find helpful videos there that walk you through all the time-saving and productivity-enhancing features of Burling’s new online banking, mobile banking and bill pay services.