Account Fees

Account Reconcilements (per hour) 25.00 a
Account Statement Reproduction (each) 5.00  
Cashiers Checks (each)
(first one free for account holder per day)
Certified Checks (each) 15.00 ab
Check Printing fee depends on style and amount ordered ab
Cut-Off Statements (each) 5.00 ab
Dormant Account Fee (quarterly) 7.00  
Electronic Bill Pay (per month):
Retail Account No Fee  
Commercial Account No Fee  
Gift Checks (American Express) 2.50  
Hold Mail (per statement) 5.00  
Legal Document Processing:
Garnishment or Citation 75.00  
Subpoena & General Research:    
Per Hour 30.00  
Per copy page .25  
Tax Levy 50.00  
Money Orders
(first one free for account holders per day)
5.00 b
Notarization (per notary visit) 1.00  
Outgoing Collection Items (each) 20.00  
Overdrafts (per day) 2.00 ab
Overdrafts (per item) 25.00 ab
Replacement ATM / Debit Card 5.00  
Stop Payments (each) 25.00 b
Telephone Transfers (each request) 2.00 b
Travelers Cheques 1% of amount purchased  
Wire Transfer:
Domestic 25.00
Foreign 40.00
a-Does not apply to Silver or IRA Savings accounts.
b-Does not apply to any Certificate of Deposit account.