Better Debit Card Security, Right in the Palm of Your Hand

Control and secure your money with the MobiMoney™ app

At Burling Bank we want you to have the flexibility, access, convenience, and security you need. In addition to our online banking solution and mobile app for your account management, we also provide you with a convenient, secure way to manage every aspect of your debit card activity right from your smartphone: the MobiMoney app.

Customize Your Activity Alerts

With MobiMoney, you can manage your card anywhere and anytime from your iPhone or Android device. It allows you to set up instant alerts to monitor purchases on your card based on your custom preferences. For example, you can set it up to send you an alert anytime your card is used at a gas station, a department store, or other purchase category.

Review Activity Easily

You can also easily review recent purchases, since your receipts are stored in your phone by date. You can even separate your activity by business and personal records so you can view comprehensive activity for each individually.

Set Location-Based Transaction Limits

MobiMoney also helps keep your account safe by enabling you to set defined locations where your card can be used. If you want to limit activity to your town or a portion of the downtown of your city, you can. You can even link your card to your phone’s GPS to prevent your card number from being used anywhere other than your current location.

Just back from an international trip? You can block international activity with the touch of a button, so those purchases are automatically denied and you receive an alert.

Control Your Kid’s Account Activity

You can choose to set spending limits and product categories. If you have kids and want to lend them your card (or get them a card of their own), MobiMoney helps you ensure they spend within your means.

Better Security Through Mobile Banking

While you may be inclined to worry about the security of mobile banking, MobiMoney significantly increases your control over your card and how it’s used—whether you want to prevent fraud or just check your own impulse purchases.

MobiMoney gives you the power to make sure that any spending on your card fits your guidelines in various categories such as in-store, online, mail order, ATM, and Apple Pay transactions. If you never use certain kinds of transactions, you can add additional security to your account by shutting down those transaction types entirely.

And if your card is lost or stolen, MobiMoney makes it easy to turn it off right from your phone.

Banking, Budgeting and More

The app also provides more than just card controls and low balance alerts. You can also transfer money between accounts using MobiMoney, or use its helpful, easy-to-use tools for weekly and monthly budgeting.

With MobiMoney, you have the power to have consistent control and constant security over your debit card. The app makes it easy to fine tune and monitor your card activity in ways you never could before.


Watch our helpful MobiMoney video:

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