Trader Services

Traders are a special group of business people equipped with a sharp financial acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to operate in a dynamic marketplace. Burling Bank is uniquely qualified to service the exchange community and has been providing superior, individualized service to this industry since the day we opened for business. In fact, Burling Bank was founded by business leaders in the exchange community and they continue to lead and manage this bank today. Others may claim to know your business, but none can match our experience in this industry or the long-term relationships that we have forged in this community.

The relationships that we have built with our trader customers are very important to us and a significant part of our business. Along with our exceptional customer service and general banking products, we offer several specific financial products for the benefit of the trading community listed below. We look forward to partnering with you and working together toward achieving your business goals.

Trading Rights are a critical component of conducting business in the futures and securities industry. At Burling Bank we are uniquely equipped to assist you with financing your Trading Right. While many banks are unfamiliar with this aspect of your business, our knowledgeable and experienced lenders are well versed in the language and terms associated with this business asset and will guide you through the entire process.

Brokerage/ATOM Credits: We can make arrangements for your brokerage/ATOM credits to be directly deposited into your account here at Burling Bank. The transactions will appear on your monthly statement or you can use the online banking system to monitor the account activity at your convenience.

Employee Payroll: We are pleased to provide direct deposit for employee compensation. At your direction, we can schedule funds to be transferred from your Burling account to an employee’s Burling account. This is a convenient business tool that saves you time and automatically generates a record of the transaction on your account.